Guro Brice

In his youth, Brice was a collegiate style wrestler. After 10 years of competition, he shifted his focus away from competition. While at the University of Florida, a friend encouraged him to pick up boxing. That's when he found the Gainesville Dojo. After training at the dojo in boxing, Brice was encouraged to try Pekiti Tirsia Kali in order to help his striking. In 2003, after a few months, his focused shifted to primarily studying Kali.

In 2006, Brice began training in Filipino Combat Systems (FCS) Kali under Guro Eric Broe. During this time he also started training in Wing Chun. As an FCS practicioner, Brice was encouraged to cross train with multiple systems through an extended martial arts community. Over the years, he's had the chance to train with practicioners of multiple lineages of Pikiti Tirsia, Balintawak, Modern Arnis, Serrada Escrimta, Lameco Escrima and others. He's also had the opportunity to train in other martial arts such as catch wrestling and muay thai. Currently, Brice is an active student of Master Jesse Jones in the William Cheung lineage of Wing Chun.

While Brice actively avoided training with the purpose of achieving a rank, he was encouraged to progress through the FCS curriculum and was promoted to the rank of instructor (Manong) at the recommendation of Tuhon Ray Dionaldo. In 2019, Brice was promoted to the rank of Guro in FCS Kali.