FCS Kali — Gainesville


We are currently meeting 2 days a week (Mon, Sat) as part of the Kali class at the Gainesville Dojo. The Monday class is FCS based, while the Saturday class is focused on general / traditional kali and combatives.


The website contains resources to help students continue to learn. You can't learn Kali by simply watching videos and reading posts, but it's better than nothing. It's even better as a supplement to your in-person training.


Check out our calendar of events to see what's going on with our group and other FCS and affiliate groups.

What is FCS Kali?

Kali is a martial art born and refined in the Phillipines. It crosses and combines many eastern and western influences and covers a multitude of empty hand and weapons systems. Some of the weapons and styles include:

  • Stick
  • Knife
  • Sword / Long Blades
  • Boxing (Panantukan)
  • Silat
  • Grappling (Dumog)
  • Modern and improvised weapons

Filipino Combat Systems (FCS) Kali is a system that combines facets of a multitude of different systems and Martial arts into one coherent system. If you're an experienced martial artist, it is a great system to add to or refine your martial arts knowledge. If you're new to the martial arts, it is a great way to introduce yourself to a wide array of different facets of the arts.

About our Group

One of the primary focuses of FCS is building a community locally and globally. We try to not just be a class, but a Tribe of martial artists who help each other to become better and support one another.

Instructor Background

Hanshi Keith Teller (USA Goju) has been studying Kali for decades. Originally training in Pikiti Tirsia Kali. Over the years he continued to train and teach Kali out of the Gainesville Dojo. As part of his early years of training Hanshi Teller met, among others, Ray Dionaldo. Ray would eventually become a Tuhon under Sayoc Kali and found Filipino Combat Systems (FCS).

Brice, the current FCS Representative in Gainesville, was originally (and still is) a student of Hanshi Teller's. He picked up his training under FCS Instructor Eric Broe and was promototed to the rank of Guro (teacher) under Tuhon Ray Dionaldo.

Hanshi Teller and Guro Brice currently split days teaching a Kali class at the Gainesville Dojo, where Hanshi Teller teaches several other classes. Guro Brice also teaches privately and, occassionaly, travels outside the city to teach.